May 29: Top 3 Twitter Trends Explained On EveryEvery

Twitter trends and the explanations on Everyevery is not what you should miss every day of the week, this is because we do the digging to safe you the stress.

Why do you need to go through the whole Twitter page to know what is doing on in your environment? We are here for you and that is why you do not need to bother. 

So enjoy today’s ride.

Twitter Trends

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is not a strange name in the entertainment industry and I mean on a global scale but today, she was among the Twitter trends for not so good reason. She made it to this platform because she has found her voice to reply to Forbes after she was stripped of the billionaire status.

Kylie who is also cosmetics founder was accused of lying about her net worth and that was why she lost her Forbes billionaire rating.

So in her reply she said, “All I see are a number of inaccurate statements and unproven assumptions.”

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner

With or without her reply, Forbes has insisted that she was not supposed to be declared the “world’s youngest self-made billionaire.”

This, of course, caused an uproar on the social media, especially on Twitter, but the most important thing for Twitter users was that they used Kylie Jenner to trend their tweets on the platform today.


By now you would have known about #GeorgeFloydMurder, this is another #tag that made it to the top of the Twitter trends today. The case though pathetic and irreversible, it has continued to gain momentum with new trends coming out from it by the second.

But in case you are still not well informed about how #GeorgeFloydMurder came to limelight, let me give you a hint. 

Justice For George Floyd
Justice For George Floyd

This #tags among many others related to it came out after a disturbing video surfaced on the social media, showing a white police officer kneeling on a black man who was obviously struggling to breathe.

The black man identified as George Floyd was afterwards confirmed dead after he was taken to the hospital as a result of the manhandling and ill treatment he got from the white cop. This development has again triggered the call for equality between blacks and white across the world and especially in the United States.

So after getting to know that, also know that a lot of riots have sprung up after this event, including the burning of a police station. This event has made the US President, Donald Trump call the protesters thugs a statement that has only aggravated the anger.

Now next to the last one for today.


In case you have any course to fight, you might try to turn to the Twitter users because their voices can not be silenced no matter what.

So for #Justice for Tina, here was what happened. A 16-year-old girl identified as Tina was recently shot dead by a Nigerian police officer.

The teenager was reportedly shot yesterday and unfortunately died this morning. This despicable event is not strange in Nigeria and it just has to stop and by that, I mean it has to stop now.

Late Tina
Late Tina

We all know that the life of Tina regrettably can’t be brought back, but all we want is for justice to be served in the case.

The killer of Tina should not be allowed to go free, just as the killer of George Floyd.

We will keep ensuring that these two #tags amongst many others keep making their ways to be among the Twitter trends until justice is served.

Today’s Twitter trends are more on the sad notes, but that is one of the things we can do to heal our society. We will not stop until we are heard, not only to be heard but until when our hearts are healed and we can be at peace.

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