Job Manager in Trouble over Leaked Chat with Applicant (Pics)

An Ibadan-based lady whose name is Oghenekeve has taken to Twitter to expose a job manager who asked to sleep with her before he will give her a job. The lady shared the chat which showed details of their conversation, the man claims have a link to top multinationals like Multichoice. The man requested to sleep with her before he could offer her a job.

Job Manager Who wants Sex from Applicant Exposed

The job manager who reached out to the lady for a job opening in his organization, which, according to him, is one of the foremost PR firms in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital.

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However, even though the lady was interested in the job the conditions made her withdraw her interest. The man later started insulting the lady after the lady asked him to delete her number. 

The manager claimed that he was willing to give her multichoice work, according to him, he said: 

“I want you to make me happy intimately. I am asking you for that as a means of securing your place on my list as my top models who will get every job I’m giving out. If you want that job as well it’s also yours but I just need to feel secure that you truly deserve all I did for you. Don’t complicate things for us by being stubborn. I chose you not because you are the best for the job but simply cos I just want to help your career.”

After the lady turned him down, what followed was a barrage of insults and curses. He also called her all sorts of unprintable words.

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