James Brown Dishes Heavy Shade for Bobrisky

Popular upcoming cross dresser, James brown dishes heavy shade for his former mentor, Bobrisky.

After the police/court debacle that led to James’ fame, he began his cross-dressing journey under the tutelage of Bobrisky who stood by him emotionally and financially when trolls were on his neck.

James Brown Dishes Heavy Shade

However, that relationship quickly went south and now James has taken advantage of the recent mothers Day celebration to throw heavy shade on Bobrisky. The self acclaimed princes of Africa wrote ,

 “Happy Mother’s Day once again to her that feels threatened by my success. To us all true mothers with sense and qualities of a motherly role not some lavish spenders that buy everything including love and afame with money. God bless we true mothers that build our home/children with true love and happiness not fake life money spender.”

James Brown Dishes Heavy Shade For Bobrisky 1

Recall that months ago, James Brown called Bobrisky out on social media for issuing threats and asking him to ditch the cross-dressing game for her.


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