Interview: Gospel Artiste, DaveJam, Says Greatest Achievement is ‘Reaching Out to People’s Hearts/Minds’

…Admits How Discouraging Expenses Could Kill a Musicians Morale

In this Interview Davejam takes us on a journey, helping us understand the life of a Gospel Artiste in a world where secular musicians enjoy more of the dividends from the music industry…

For those still yet to meet you, introduce yourself…

My name is Davejam, I’m a Gospel rapper based in Abuja.

Professionally, when did you start music/Are you signed yet or independent?

Professional, I’d say 2013 || not signed into record label yet, I’m independent for now.

Under what genre would you categorise your sound?

Afro Gospel Hip Hop & Pure Hip Hop Gospel. These are the sounds I chose to pass my message across to my audience.

What would you say makes your style of music unique from every other ones?

Obviously, rap music is totally different & unique that is why not everyone can afford to love it.

You know whatever is common in the market, everybody can get it but hip hop is a rare commodity I must confess.

Rap music communicates a level of understanding to the soul that no genre can decode.

Let’s talk about the expenses, investing in your music, how has it been?

It has been very very discouraging I must admit.

Having the song penned down is not good enough, you need to record and you need a very good producer who knows hip hop because not everybody has the grace to produce hip hop music, in that case, you need a very good amount of money to get a very good delivery!

You need to have money in order to get a good song recorded not forgetting publicity & promotions. All these involve money. Meanwhile, an average hip hop artiste does not have a source of income.



…Unless you get a secular job to pay you by the month-end which will deviate you from having enough time to pen down good lyrics as usual.


In fact, at a point, I stopped writing because I got so discouraged due to financial challenges.

Could you list the EPs, Mixtapes, Albums you’ve released in recent times?

Not done an EP yet, but I have an album of fifteen songs (15) and numerous singles released & yet to be released.

Biggest accomplishment in music so far?

Reaching out to the heart/mind of people, excluding meeting big stars both in church and outside the four walls of the church, I’ve met with particular secular hip hop arts & travelled few states in Nigeria to perform music. Beyond that, my greatest achievement is doing a piece of good music that enabled people to create a space in their hearts to store it there.

How would you say fans are responding to your music, talking about acceptability?

My music is well accepted I must admit, sometimes I wonder what people hear in my music than what I have recorded because of the feedback I get, sometimes I feel they exaggerate the whole thing but it happens continuously which gave me the feeling that people really accept my music to the extent I get calls, chats & text messages asking me to drop a song already because it’s been 2years I dropped any.

The industry-dominated with multiple competing talents today, what do you think would make an up and coming artiste blow?

Beyond being a gospel art, you must be very excellent in your delivery…I believe the sky is very big for every bird to fly so if you do a good song & trust in God also have the right fan base, these guys are your promoters…you would be sleeping while people are sharing your songs and willing to deliver excellence & trust God with TIME.

Davejam Today, Do Gospel Artistes Make it Big as Their Circular Music Counterparts?



First of all, Gospel does not have a big fan base secondly hip hop is not accepted by many especially on this side of the globe so you see, making it big is relative because the goal of a secular singer is different even though they are doing the same art

So it’s not obvious to say a gospel artiste makes it as the secular artistes.

What inspired Your Sound?

The holy spirit, personal Experience, life’s Experiences & Challenges.

Let’s hear your words of wisdom to fellow rising stars hoping to get to the top someday

Very simple…every seed grows to become a tree with TIME.

Invest in watering that seed and note that trees grow within different time frame based on how deep their root is.

Do good music, focus on promotions than producing more songs. One song can bring you to the limelight if it is well promoted than having thousands of songs circulating only within your neighbourhood!

Time, Hope, Staying Positive, Prayer & Good sound is the drill.

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