Interview: ‘My Music Always has a Story Behind it… Most are From Life Experienced by Me or Someone Else’

In this interview with one of Lagos rising music talents, popularly known as Bman, we’re privileged to get a glance of what it takes to push your music as an independent artiste thriving without the aid of a record label, among so many other promising revelations. 


For those still yet to meet you, introduce yourself

My name is Osita Kingsley Mbilitem, popularly known as Bman. I hail from Imo state Nigeria. I’m an Afrobeat artist and also a creative designer.


Professionally, when did you start music/Are you signed yet or independent?

I started music professionally in 2009. I’m still an independent artist hoping to get investors soon.


Under what genre would you categorize your sound?

My genre should fall under Afrobeat. It’s also a blend of soul and hip hop. I’m also a very good explorer of sounds.


What would you say makes your style of music unique from every other one?

When you listen to my music, you will always hear and feel at the same time. My music always has a story behind it because most of it is from life experienced by me or someone else. 

Interview: 'My Music Always Has A Story Behind It... Most Are From Life Experienced By Me Or Someone Else'


Let’s talk about the expenses, investing in your music, how has it been?

Hmmm!! Investing in music has been challenging, especially when nobody is supporting you financially. All expenses are being done by me, which is very crazy at the moment.

The investors these days mostly come when you have pushed yourself to a point, and then they start coming. Honestly, this is not an easy stage for most independent artistes. But regardless, the love and passion for my craft are what is pushing me cause I know it won’t remain like this forever; something will definitely pop someday.

The good thing is that as an independent artiste, I have pushed my craft to a point and will keep doing it. I’ll Never Stop!!!



In This Interview, Could You List the EPs, Mixtapes, Albums You’ve Released in Recent Times?

I have really dropped some amazing body of works like:

Amos 3:3,


Black and White 


So what’s your biggest accomplishment in music so far?

My biggest accomplishment is the fact I keep putting out amazing projects from time to time—the ability to stay consistent in my craft and continue to evolve in my sound.

Interview: 'My Music Always Has A Story Behind It... Most Are From Life Experienced By Me Or Someone Else'


How would you say people, fans are responding to your music, talking about acceptability?

The reactions have been overwhelming, although I still have people who are still trying to figure me out. My content is not the regular content you see out there today. My topic of discussion in my music is not random, so definitely, I will have people who are still accepting it. But this is who I am, and I don’t need any validation before making my music. 


The industry-dominated with multiple competing talents today, what do you think would make an up and coming artiste blow?

Like I will always say, uniqueness and consistency. You see, that consistency part it’s always the hardest because no matter how dope you are as an artiste, if you don’t have consistency, nothing will happen. People need to know you still doing this, and you are getting better at it. That’s what’s important. 


Let’s hear your words of wisdom to fellow rising stars hoping to get to the top someday?

My fellow colleagues, don’t let people put their fears in you, saying your craft won’t be heard. It may take time, but if you stay consistent, you will get there eventually. Keep putting stuff out there cos you don’t know the song that might hit and that might change your life. Keep re-strategizing; keep thinking of new ideas to better your craft. Challenges will come to make you give up, but that’s the universe trying to know how much you want this success in music. Be strong.

Kindly follow me on Instagram @bmansings and on Twitter on @itsbmansings… Bye!

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