Interesting ways to use Lemons

Lemons are awesome fruits. Aside from adding it to our beauty regimens for glowing skin and lustrous hair, it can be infused into our local and international recipes for flavor. Lemons contain amazing health benefits and we also love to juice them to lose some weight.

When life hands you lemons, open your arms wide and say, “Thank you, Life!” because lemons are awesome — no lemonade required. They’re a firm staple in our refrigerator and a key ingredient in many foods. We love to juice them, zest them, and preserve them. (And fine — lemonade isn’t so bad either.)

But the wonders of lemons don’t end there. Lemons are also fantastic kitchen helpers — “nature’s little hand scrubbers,” as Dana once wrote— a natural, mild disinfectant that fits in the palm of your hand.

The enormous benefits on lemons extend to keeping our kitchen appliances and workspace clean, fresh and hygienic.

Here are more reasons to buy lemons whenever you go shopping.

  • Clean the microwave

All it takes is a leftover food to mess a sparkling clean microwave. No scrubbing required. All you need is a slice of lemon to clean the microwave and leave it spotless and clean.

  • Wooden chopping board

One of the easiest ways to remove dirt and smell from a chopping board is by rubbing lemon on it after cleaning with a sponge and dishwashing soap. Leave it for 5 minutes and run under water. You can use it to chop fruits and vegetables the next day. 

  • Polish copper

Cookware, just like our skin and hair needs a little pampering to maintain its look and improve its efficiency. Rub lemons inside and outside of it to transform your tarnished pan to a new look.

  • Refresh your garbage bin

Just because it has been labeled a garbage bin doesn’t mean it should have a funky smell. Mix salt with ice cubes, lemon peels and throw it into the bin. Turn it on, grind it up, and voila — freshness.

  • Clean the blender

The blender is a multi-purpose kitchen appliance. We use it for smoothies, blending herbs, onions, ginger, garlic among others for marinating meats and fish. Some people use it to blend grains before cooking. Blend a lemon with a little dishwashing soap and water to get it sparkling again.

  • Polish spotty knives

Lemon juice can help remove rust spots on knives if you left them just a tad too long in a puddle of water.

  • Scrub off stubborn stuck-on food off dishes

Have a little dried cheese you can’t get off the grater? Grab a recently juiced lemon, a little coarse salt, and get to scrubbing.

  • Make an all-purpose kitchen cleaner

Don’t throw out those lemon peels — save them and make this awesome-smelling kitchen cleaner.