Instagram Model Threatens to Sue Drake

An Instagram model has threatened to sue Drake following claims that he put ‘pepper’ in a cond*m to prevent her from stealing his sperm.

According to the news, Drake and the model supposedly met on Instagram, and the duo had an agreement to link up, which led to a romantic encounter between them.

The news further stated that Drake made it consensual by asking the model if she wanted to have sexual intercourse, and following her response, he went into the bathroom to wear protection.

After the duo was done, it was alleged that the rapper disposed of the condom, and shortly after, the Instagram model went to take out the condom from the trash to insert into her private part. At that moment he heard a scream, so he went into the bathroom to where she was.

It was alleged that he admitted to putting a packet of hot sauce in the cond*m to help kill the sp*rm, and it is as a result, the Instagram Model had threatened to sue him.

See the story below.

Instagram Model Threatens To Sue Drake
Instagram Model Threatens to Sue Drake
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