Influencer Reports Nengi, Vee to Fans

Story Highlights
  • Nengi and Vee gang up
  • Blogger in pain as Nengi and Vee unfollow her

There seems to be drama brewing as a reality show influencer reports Nengi and Vee to the BBNaija show fans.

The influencer with the Instagram handle @truth_icon1 cried out over being unfollowed by Nengi and Vee at the same time for some reason.

Influencer reports Nengi and Vee to fans

The self-acclaimed reality show guru wrote,

‘Nengi and Vee blocked me same day, same time, same minute’.

Influencer Reports Nengi, Vee To Fans 1
Influencer Reports Nengi, Vee to Fans

While Truth Icon did not specify exactly what went wrong, it seemed that there is a history of bad blood with the housemates.

Nengi on her end did not say much on the situation but tweeted about being a one of a kind type of girl.

Also around the time of this report, Vee went on her official Twitter page to tweet,

‘I’m definitely the ‘protective friend’

Although she did not mention a connection to the influencer’s cry, it looks like Vee and Truth Icon have had a history of bad blood. Here is an exchange between the two;

Influencer Reports Nengi, Vee To Fans 2

In addition to this, fans of the two housemates have attested to how much the influencer trolls other housemates under the guise of being an ‘Elite’

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