I’m Asari (Episode 13): Audition part two, with Bandage

The next hour went by very quickly, I had no control of what was going on, in fact, I barely could comprehend what was going on. When I fell, I could tell that everyone was looking at me; I tried to get up but I couldn’t. Next thing I was in an ambulance and in the hospital getting my ankle wrapped in a bandage by a very rude nurse.

I didn’t want a bandage on my leg to be honest; I just wanted them to give me pain killers for me to be on my way. I tried to tell the nurse that I had an important audition which I didn’t plan to miss but she yelled at me and called me a vain girl “all these shallow girls that like to put beauty before their health” she said and me I was shocked because I didn’t remember mentioning my looks to her; I only told her about my career ambition and she took it differently.

Anyway, the bandaging was all done and I was waiting for Lami to bring me the clutches that the doctor recommended; when the lady that made all these happen entered.

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“Can I come in?” She asked calmly. She was a completely different person as if she wasn’t the same person who caused all that commotion in the restaurant. She apologized for her behavior and for my leg but I didn’t really care for her apology; all that was on my mind was how I was going to go for my audition and still impress them with the clutches I was going to be stuck with for the next few weeks.

“I will take you for your audition!” She exclaimed out like it was one of the best ideas she had ever come up with in her life. I didn’t agree at first but she insisted, I guess she believed that it was a way to get me to forgive her completely. I’m sure Lami was relieved because she had a wedding to attend that Saturday

“What’s your name?” I asked, we were on our way to my audition. She drove a Kia Picanto; it was my first time in that car and it wasn’t as small as I always thought it would be.

“Ngozi, you?” she replied watching the roads carefully as she drove. She was not a tall person so she leaned closer to the steering wheel than most drivers

“Asari, I replied” trying to scratch the skin under my bandage.

“Asari, that’s a unique name” She said and suddenly I had made a new friend because we did not shut up the whole trip. We talked about a lot of things including her current relationship and why it was driving her crazy. I could tell that she was a very intelligent and logical person who let her love for a man get the best of her. I asked why she didn’t want to break up with him and she said because she was sure that her boyfriend was the one for her.

“What makes you so sure that he is the one for you? What makes you think that a better man is not out there for you?” I asked as I struggled to get out of the car with my bandage and clutches. I guess the question hit her hard since she didn’t answer me and she seemed much carried away with her thoughts since I asked the question.

Me, my clutches and my bandage with Ngozi’s help entered the audition venue, we were on time. I registered my name and I was given a small script to practice before my name was called. Ngozi helped me practice which was very nice of her; one would think that she was part of those who came to audition.

My name was called and I went in. “Can you remove your bandage for filming?” the lady coordinating the audition asked; I tried to remove it but it was like that rude nurse knew this will happen and fused it shut. So we decided to do it with the bandage, I had to lean on the wall because they didn’t want my clutches in the shot. They were actually impressed that I showed up despite my injury so it made them super nice to me.

I did the audition and it was awesome, instead of acting as if I wasn’t injured I included my injury in the lines and it worked perfectly. The director and producer clapped when I was done. They asked me if I could move to Lagos and I said indeed I could.

On our way back to the hotel, Ngozi told me more things about her relationship which showed how toxic her relationship was; I tried not to advise her because I have learned a few lessons from giving relationship advice. “I think I will end it with him, I don’t think I can continue like this” she said after an hour discussing her relationship. It was as if she had come to an epiphany. “Good for you” I replied

That evening, after telling Lami how awesome my audition was; she offered to take me out to celebrate but the bandage on my leg was not encouraging me to go out. Getting dressed was already stress on its own but Lami didn’t let me be, she felt bad for what happened; I think she blamed herself a little bit because she believed that if she took me out that night I wouldn’t have gone to that restaurant to eat and all these wouldn’t have happened. So, I agreed to go out but it had to be that same restaurant because it was the closest place.

When we entered the restaurant, guess who we saw? Ngozi and her boyfriend having dinner again. If I wasn’t with her earlier that day, I would have turned back; we got to our seat and ordered. Within five minutes of sitting down, Ngozi walked to us and was like “Asari, I just wanted to thank you for your advice, I just broke up with him and it feels exhilarating. Now I can move on with my life without any relationship drama” before I could respond she walked away

Her boyfriend had his back to us, I watched him carefully; he sat still for what was like a million years because I really wanted him to turn so that I could see the look on his face. He turned alright, when he did; he came straight to our table with wrath bubbling in his eyes “you fucking bitch! You destroyed my relationship just because I injured your leg. You told her to break up with me. Watch your back” he roared and before I could say anything, he was gone.

I was shocked, what could Ngozi have told him to make him think so. I pondered but I made sure that I didn’t lose sleep over it. After all, my trip was over in the morning and I would be back in Abuja highest Sunday afternoon. They were people that I was sure that I would never see again but will never forget. Story of my life.

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