Ike Onyema Expresses Worry, Compares #ENDSARS With #BLACKLIVESMATTER

BBNaija star, Ike Onyema has taken the #ENDSARS protest to another level with the question he has posed to the Nigerian media houses.

Ike in a recent tweet compared the way Nigerian local media houses took the #blacklivesmatter, with the way they are going about the ongoing #ENDSARS protest.

According to him, they local media houses jumped on the BLACKLIVESMATTER movement that was held outside Nigeria, while only few of them are giving the #EndSarsImmediately movement enough publicity.

Ike Onyema'S Tweet
Ike Onyema’s Tweet

We saw how quick our local channels jumped on the BLACKLIVESMATTER movement, but we’re trending #EndSARSImmediately and only one or two have actually reported it? What’s happening? #EndSarsNow”

Protests are going on in different sates across Nigeria major cities as citizens call for the scrapping of an arm of the Nigerian Police Force named Special Anti- Robbery Squad, SARS.

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