The Igbo men traditional attire is called Isiagu, also known as Chieftaincy. This is made with high-quality suede materials. Before the advent of this material and other fabrics, Igbo men preferred wearing a loincloth. This is a piece of garment that covers the private parts of the male body. The loincloth was often kept in place by a belt or fastened at the back. This is worn to the farms and markets back then. As civilization took place in this part of the world, there were different fabrics adorned by men. The introduction of the Isiagu attire has since added class to the Igbo men’s fashion.

The Igbo people are a large ethnic group and they have a very rich culture and tradition. Isiagu is one of their dressings that is adored in every land. This attire is traditionally adorned by men, especially when receiving a chieftaincy title. Nowadays, it is worn by people of different status and ages. It is a perfect outfit to wear to special occasions such as a wedding, naming, coronations and so on.

Igbo Traditional Attire: Isiagu

Isiagu is a pullover-tunic-shirt, similar to the native attire called dashiki. The shirt may be long or short-sleeved. Some shirts have gold buttons that are linked by a chain. There is usually a breast pocket at the front. This attire has patterns on it which is usually an adult lion’s head. It is printed, embroidered and decorated in the colors and patterns that the Igbo culture permits. The tunic may be red, white, black, burgundy, and in some cases, clearly distinct patterns.

This native shirt is usually worn with a red fez hat or the Igbo leopard cap. The leopard cap is known as Okpu Agu in the Igbo language. The red cap is majorly for chiefs, but nowadays, it is loved by all members of the tribe. The red color plays an important role because, historically, the Igbo people use red accents in their styles as a symbol of suffering. This, they have to experience to develop and grow their community. The Chieftaincy is worn with a black trouser or a tied wrapper (George cloth). Coral beads are used to match the wear as well as walking sticks. These combinations make the Igbo men stylish and gives their women goose bumps. If you want to be singled out of a crowd in your next occasion, try the Isiagu attire and stay blessed.

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