“I Can’t Cope With the Stigma Anymore” – Physically Challenged Woman Cries Out

A physically challenged woman has come out to accuse her parents of maltreating her and reveals she has considered committing suicide.

The lady who is deaf and dumb said 11 years ago, after her parents discovered her condition, they stopped sponsoring her education. Her parents took her for deliverance in different churches.

According to her, her parents and pastors believed a demon possesses her.

As a result of this, she hoped her life changes for the better, but unfortunately, things keep getting worse.
She said, “My family and relatives have disowned me; nobody cares about me.”

She narrated how her younger sister told her to prepare for a church programme, but she declined, which resulted in her parents and older brother forcefully dragged her to a blue garment church where her hands and legs were chained.

She further said they instructed their driver to shave her and her mother to bathe her. Despite pleading for compassion and respect for her privacy, it was of no use as the prophetess stood behind her with a stick and threatened to beat her up if she revolted.

The Physically Challenged woman, Florence said the act by her parents makes her feel suicidal because of the alleged “neglect and the inhumane conditions.”

She said she is telling others about her problem and can’t seem to cope with the stigma anymore as she is slowly getting out of the public eye as the humiliation and trauma becomes unbearable.”

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