I Am Laycon Ep 8: His Car Accident and Fight With Brother

Episode 8 of “I am Laycon“, has gotten his fans “The Icons” and other lovers of the BBNaija reality show thinking about the best way they can advice him on getting a new and better stylist.

The young rapper was preparing to go for a photoshoot, but alas he was delayed because all the dresses provided by his stylist were all over size and no belt was provided to salvage the situation.

For goodness sake, this was not the first time he would be having such malfunctioning situation in his wardrobe.

For the sake of his fans, a belt was finally provided, so that the BBNaija Lockdown winner can finish cooking the video he has in the pipeline for his fans.

Laycon`s Car Accident

As if that was not enough, in the same episode, his elder brother and Personal Manager, Yomi had an accident with Laycon`s car.

The most disturbing part was that there was a standing instruction that the car must not be driven if Laycon was not onboard. Now, who is going to break this news to Laycon?

While Laycon was getting over the bashing of his car by his brother Yomi, we was vexed again by him for supplying unsolicited information.

Social Media Palava

Yomi brought some not so pleasant news to Laycon about how he was being trolled on social media. You can imagine being bashed after ones car was just bashed.

This was not just going to be allowed to slide, because the god in human body as he loves to call himself frowned at the move.

He stressed how he just wanted to be off social media for his sanity, only for his brother to interrupt that serenity.

EP Photoshoot

Respite came during episode 8 of I Am Laycon when he went for a photoshoot for his EP.

It was nice to see the President of the Icons pose for nice pictures, at least it was capable of dousing the tension that filled this episode.

Just as if Yomi did not want this calm to last for long, he came up showing Laycon some social media trolling posts and this time it was severe.

Lekan got angry, talked on top of his voice and walked out on his brother. To calm the situation, he put a call through to his mother. Isn’t that cool?


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