I Am Laycon Ep 7: Laycon Gets New Collaboration, Can’t Swim

In this episode of ‘I am Laycon‘, we still see scenes of Laycon while he is ill. However, unlike in episode 6, he looks a little bit better.

Gomez Comes Visiting, Suggest Sickle Cell Awareness

Gomez, who is obviously concerned about Laycon’s health, comes visiting and akes a huge revelation. He mentioned that he is also a Sickle Cell warrior with the SS genotype.

He also suggested to Laycon that they take the awareness farther than social media especially seeing that they are both in the fight, and as expected, Laycon agreed to it.

Sore Brings Good music News

Sore comes in one of the scenes bearing good and bad news, but to Laycon, all the information he brought were music to their ears. Sore said the big event they scheduled was cancelled but to balance that, there are talks from Gomez and Jackson Fierce on a new E.P and singles from Laycon.

Laycon Gets New Collaboration

This is where we get the back story of how Laycon got the Baba Fela Remix with Mr Real. According to Laycon, one of his closest friends, Musty helped him get the collaboration. They also took us into the BTS of the shoot with Mr Real and Zlatan.

I Am Laycon Ep 7: Laycon Gets New Collaboration, Can'T Swim 1
Mr Real on ‘I Am Laycon’

National Sickle Cell Centre In ‘I Am Laycon’

Laycon and Gomez make good on their plans as they visit the national sickle cell centre in Surulere. They had a tour of the impressive health facility and get mini-lectures on how the centre has been able to save lives. He also had a conference with the sickle cell champions and their parents.

Laycon and Tariela Meet Director Stanz

In preparation for a new song, Laycon and his PR lady, Tariela, meet with popular video director, Stanz Visuals. They discuss plans for the new music video, and here Laycon reveals that he can not swim, so the beach shoot was a bit scary for him. Thankfully, the plan was never to get in the water.

Stylist Palava

For the umpteenth time, Laycon finds himself in another fashion mess. This time, his stylist did not get his accurate measurements and ended up giving him outfits that were too big. Unfortunately, there was no belt insight and the shoot had to be delayed for a bit.

I Am Laycon Ep 7: Laycon Gets New Collaboration, Can'T Swim 2

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