I Am Laycon Ep 9: He Pimps House, Sneaks Out, Gets in Trouble

This episode of ‘I Am Laycon’ shows the dynamics of Laycon’s relationship with his brother as they lock horns.

Laycon Pimps House

Finally, Laycon’s house has been pimped and the new look is impressive to all who saw it. Remember that in episode 2 of ‘I am Laycon‘, his brother Yomi brought in his friend Alicia to redesign the house when Laycon traveled out of town.

In Episode 9 the beauty of what Laycon chose was seen and trust that it was classy. Now Yomi has been vindicated after all, he bragged about Alicia’s capacity to transform the house.

Sneaking stunt in I Am Laycon

Call it what you want, Laycon does not care he just wants to have some fun so he sneaked out of the house.

He was able to convince Sore to take him to a local food joint without the notice of anyone, not even his brother Yomi.

The two of them snuck away to join some of Laycon’s old friends for a short hangout. However, while they were in the pool of the fun his label owner Gbenga Jackson called but the question is now which of them will have the boldness to pick?

Yomi Flames Up at Laycon

After ignoring Gbenga Jackson’s call, they rushed home only to meet another hurdle. This time with Yomi, who is worried and clueless about the whereabout of his beloved brother turned celebrity.

After the squabble, Laycon makes his way to Gomez’ house where he met with Music gurus like Bizzle Osikoya and Osagie who gave him some solid advice.

Scarlet Steps In

Scarlet on the other hand took the opportunity to step into the squabble between Laycon and his brother, Yomi.

Taking the cue from Scarlet, Laycon calls Yomi aside to tender an apology and that was how the brother made up but not without Laycon trying to be the usual annoying younger brother.

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