I Am Laycon Ep 6: He Falls Sick; Date Brings Up Erica

A month after its first release, organizers of the ‘I Am Laycon‘ show release the last five episodes of the show to the excitement of his loyal fans

Episode 6 rode of the last scene from episode 5 where Laycon was on a blind date with Miwa, and although it was a bit awkward for them at first, it got better as time went on until…

Blind Date Brings Up Erica

Miwa brought up the very forbidden topic. From the first episode, Laycon has carefully avoided that topic in the house but his date Miwa picked that wound. She told Laycon that she watched the evolution of his relationship with Erica and some things he said to her stood out.

Surprisingly, Laycon did not get so upset with her but explained what exactly transpired between them. After their date, Laycon admitted to Yomi that Miwa was cool and he would like to keep in touch with her, is there a future with the both of them?

I Am Laycon Ep 6: He Falls Sick; Date Brings Up Erica 1
I Am Laycon Ep 6: He Falls Sick; Date Brings Up Erica 3

Laycon Falls Ill

Shortly after his trip to Abuja and Enugu, Laycon falls ill. This was obviously a result of the stress from the activities he had lined up for him. Thankfully, he had his nurse, Sandra, attend to him at home.

Who would have thought that Laycon was scared of taking injections? It was hilarious seeing him jump around his room while his nurse was trying to administer his medication.

Yomi Organizes Fan Art Exhibition on ‘I Am Laycon’

To cheer Laycon up, Yomi organizes a mini-exhibition to show him all the fan love he has been getting. Yomi reminded him that his breakdown was because of all the smiles he has put on his fans’ face.

I Am Laycon Ep 6: He Falls Sick; Date Brings Up Erica 2
Yomi Organizes Fan Art Exhibition on ‘I Am Laycon’

The next scene was the official presentation of the house Laycon won from the Lockdown season. Although he was still ill, he had to make an appearance at the ribbon-cutting event. Funny enough, Laycon mentioned that he loves his house, being the first anyone sees as they get into the estate.

Dad’s Memorial Disappointment

Finally, the Agbeleshe brothers have a meeting concerning their previously planned memorial for their dad. Apparently, that event could not hold due to several reasons, including the current pandemic and some important family members’ absence.

They finally decided to move it forward to the fifth year and have an Imam say a prayer for him.

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