I Am Laycon Ep. 5: Stylist Palaver, Royal Meeting, Blind Date

Episode 5 wraps up the first part of the ‘I Am Laycon’ series -until next month that is and here.s a hint- there is a blind date

Starting this episode, he meets the interior decorator that Yomi brought to pimp the house earlier in episode 2 and they finalize the designs for the apartment.

Stylist Palaver

There was also a stylist disappointment leaving Laycon to whip up outfits for the whole trip. He was due for a meet and greet in Ikeja City mall and could not get through to his stylist which made him so upset. the recipient of the heat was, of course, his team.

Royal Meeting

Laycon also made a trip to Ogun state for a tour and visit to the Onipokia of Ipokia land.

I Am Laycon Ep. 5: Stylist Palaver, Royal Meeting, Blind Date 1

Ipokia happened to be his grandmother’s town, and as a gift to Laycon, the king made him the mentor to the youth of Ipokia land with the title Akeweje of Ipokia.

From there, Laycon makes his way to Abuja as a part of his iconic tour, but while in Abuja, he does not know that Yomi has a surprise for him.

Blind Date on ‘I Am Laycon’

The surprise was a blind date to get him to get his mind of Raha from episode 1 and 2. The lady Yomi brought is an Abuja radio/Tv presenter called Miwa, and it looked like Laycon was feeling her or was he?

We will find out in new releases of ‘I Am Laycon’ next month.

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