I Am Laycon Ep.4: Laycon, Vee, Ozo, Others Hook Up

From cruising on a quad bike with his team and Joeboy, episode four of ‘I Am Laycon‘ transition to another part of his life, where his humble music beginnings started.

Laycon Meets Old Friends in ‘I Am Laycon’

Laycon and Tariela take a trip to the University of Lagos, Akoka where he schooled to meet his old friends and reminisce on old times.

There, they met up with former course mates and hostel mates where Laycon shared the hilarious story of how he slept off when his wealthy friend, Princess, was scratching his back most sweetly. Lol!

I Am Laycon Ep.4: Laycon, Vee, Ozo, Others Hook Up
I Am Laycon Ep.4: Laycon, Vee, Ozo, Others Hook Up

They went to visit Fajana Oluwafemi, the owner of La Krim foods where was a regular customer before going into the Lockdown house from the cafeteria. He is also the guy that put up a large banner of Laycon in front of his shop and shared free food for the people who voted for Laycon as his campaign contribution.

Laycon was so appreciative of La Krim not just because of the votes but because he has always been supportive of his music.

Ozo, Prince and Praise Ball With Laycon

Lilo is not the only one who made a cameo appearance in this series. Other BBNaija housemates like Prince, Ozo and Praise made an appearance as well but it didn’t end in the best way because after they finished playing soccer with Laycon and his team, Ozo and Prince got into a heated argument.

I Am Laycon Ep.4: Laycon, Vee, Ozo, Others Hook Up
Ozo, Prince and Praise Ball With Laycon in I Am Laycon

Yomi is also having so much fun on the show. He went on a date with his Interior designer best friend who shares a surname with Lilo. You read right, the interior designer’s full name is Alicia Aderogba. Could she be related to Lilo? Maybe a sister or a cousin? Who knows.

Laycon and Vee Hit Studio

In this episode, we get a better view of the music process Laycon and Vee get through to get their hits. They met up with Pheelz Mr Producer to work.

After recording, Vee engages Laycon in a heart-to-heart conversation where she said after leaving the house, she wanted to quit music. Her reason was that she was not feeling her sound anymore and felt the even confessed that while they were in the BBNaija house, she hated hearing the DJs played her songs during the Saturday night party.

Laycon asked about Neo and she gushed about how supportive Neo has been and blissful their relationship is.

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