Hushpuppi Makes New Move Over Release

Nigerian internet celebrity and suspected fraudster, Ramon Abbas, alias Hushpuppi, makes new move over his release from detention.

Hushpuppi was the centre of a major raid in the United Arab Emirates where he, alongside a couple others were arrested and charged with internet fraud and other related crimes. He initially hired top Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney, Gal Pissetzky, to represent him in the legal battle.

But in January this year, Gal Pissetzky, and Vicki Podberesky applied before a US District Court to withdraw from representing Hushpuppi, stating that he halted communication with them and had gotten new lawyers to defend him.

Hushpuppi makes new move, hires new lawyer

To continue his defence, Hushpuppi makes new move, hiring a top-rated criminal defence lawyer, Louis Shapiro, to represent him in his ongoing trial in the USA.

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Hushpuppi will be hoping that his new lawyer can dig him out of the mess he finds himself in, as he currently faces charges of identity theft, hacking, money laundering among others.

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