How To Spot Fake iPhones In The Market

Manufacturing and producing fake iPhones have become a very lucrative business. While producing fake iPhones in the past have been very difficult, over the past few years some fake iPhones are being cloned close to almost a perfection.

While the exterior of the fake iPhone have taken into account the logo, size and physical indicators of an original iPhone. Unfortunately, the softwares are not always the exact.

To eliminate the high rate of iPhone imitations out there is almost impossible so the best thing a person can do is to educate yourself on how to identify fake iPhones.

Here are some useful pointers;

The Apple Logo

Fake Iphones

Many try to replicate the logo but they are not always perfect and on point. If you look closely you will notice the errors. Many of the fake iPhone have a recessed logo or a mirror finish.

Penta Lobe Screws

Fake Iphone Screws

All Apple screws are the ‘Penta lobe screws’ so after you purchase one check if it’s a penta lobe screw.


How To Spot Fake Iphones In The Market

Usually, a fake iPhone camera has a very low quality than that of an original. So this is a no brainer.

IMEI Number

Fake Iphone Imei Number

The IMEI number of an iPhone is often found when you tab about on your screen in the general settings of the iPhone or will be at the cover. You can also verify it through the Apple official website.

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