How To Talk About Suicidal Thoughts In Nigeria

It has become almost a norm for individuals suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts to hide their feelings.

Many people find it hard to say what’s on their mind simply out of fear of being ridiculed and condemned. This past week it was reported on social media, a student who committed suicide in his final year. According to the report it was because of carry-overs he had acquired and kept him in school for over 2 semesters.

These thoughts cloud all our other judgement. Sometimes it feels like there is literally no other option. Nothing else to do. No way out from all the feelings and thoughts.

Reading the comments and responses concerning the student suicide. I researched about other student deaths and the response were honestly heartbreaking. And it got me wondering; “If people felt like this why won’t these beautiful souls take their own lives?”

Many people bashed the deceased with words like;

“Why kill yourself over carry over?”, “what do you have to worry about that you go and kill yourself?”, “Your own problem small?”.

This hurts people courage to talk about how they feel. It discourages them from actually opening up about their problems.

These are ways for people who are going through feelings to open up and talk about it;

Identify The Right Person:

Its not easy finding the right person to talk to. But as a person you know who you are closer to; This person should be someone you are closer to, the person you trust, you are comfortable with.

Try as much as possible to tell that person. Sometimes the things people say may not be what they truly mean. Talk to them and pour your heart out and be honest with both yourself and the person.

Not everyone will make you feel bad for feeling the way you do. It’s your emotion you are allowed to feel the way you feel. Don’t let their words or negative snarks get to you.


A common phrase we use is; “Honesty is the best policy”. Be honest with yourself about what you feel at the time and that moment. You have a person to talk to. Be honest with them so they can give you the best advice possible.

You Are Never Alone:

One major thought that goes through a persons head while in a dark place is that you are alone. Remember YOU ARE NEVER ALONE. People have things that take up their time, they may not have an entire day to hit you up to chat or talk on the phone.

That doesn’t mean they don’t care. It doesn’t mean they won’t understand. Sending a simple message to that person you know and trust, that says “I’m hurting lets talk.” A strange but effective conversation starter. Suicide is certainly not the and you will be okay.

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