How to Make Kunu Aya ( tiger nut)

Kunu aya is a popular drink in Northern Nigeria. It basically means tiger nut juice in English. It has an incredible taste and is highly nutritious, which has made it well known around the country.

This delicious glass of heaven has a very straight forward process of making it.


Aya (Tiger nuts)

Tiger Nut

Dates (Debinu)

How To Make Kunu Aya ( Tiger Nut) 1

Coconuts (Kwakwa)

How To Make Kunu Aya ( Tiger Nut) 2

These three are the main ingredients for this kunu. You can add ginger, honey, sugar, just about anything of your choice.


Pick the tiger nuts to removes the stone, then wash with clean water. After washing, soak the tiger nuts with clean water in a bowl for some hours, at least 3 hours or overnight

Cut the dates, coconut and any other thing you want to add into little pieces.

Rinse the tiger nuts and add the other ingredients mentioned above.

Grind them with an engine or used a blender to grind to a smooth paste.

Sieve to remove the chaff and serve.

CAUTION: Kunu aya spoils really quickly so before you start making it, you might want to make sure that your refrigerator is very cold or you have ice cubes by the corner. It is best enjoyed fresh and chilled

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