How To Hack Big Brother: Trikytee Leaks Audition Secrets

BBNaija ex-housemate Trikytee, with real name Sinclair Timmy’s new book on How to Hack Big Brother has given more answers to possible questions on the mind of Nigerians who would want to feature in future episodes of the reality TV show.

In his just-released book, he gave explicit hints on how best to prepare before going for an audition in the next or more editions of Nigeria’s most-watched reality TV show.

In one of the chapters of “How to Hack Big Brother” Trikytee listed the following as the weapons to go into the BBNaija audition with. He named them “Audition Tips 101” 

Here are the tips

  1. Prepare your introductory speech: For you to Hack Big Brother, Trikytee has advised that you do not go for the audition without preparing how you will introduce yourself.

According to him, do not think in your head that you will go there and just blend with the flow, you might just be shocked.

“Do not think you will just go there and go with the flow, trust me most times when you get there you will freeze with anxiety.”

2. Personality Question: In Trikytee’s advice being shy or ashamed will not do you any good. Just be yourself and be as real as you are, trying to add some strands of fakeness to your personality will rob you of your chance of ever entering the BBNaija house.

3. Don’t Give One-Word Answers: While in the auditioning room, do yourself a favour by answering all questions well. Yes, you can only do that when you are directly instructed to give a yes or no answer.

Those are not the only things to look out for when it comes to answering questions during the audition, Trikytee also added the following.

“When having a conversation with the Judges, do not answer questions rigidly.

“Do not give short easy answers to questions, give as much information as possible. The more you talk, the more chances you have of showing how amazing you are.”

Now that you know this, you might need to dust your question-answering skills or take some lecture on that, if you really want to be live in the Big Brother’s Diary room.

4. Stare at the Judges: Yes, the Judges at some audition sessions might look scary, judgmental, or harsh, don’t be scared of looking into their eyes.

In “How to Hack Big Brother“, some of the audition secrets Trikytee leaked is that you should not be nervous and must maintain eye contact with the judges.

“A lot of people go for auditions and they are so nervous that they cannot look at the judges when they are asked questions.”

Trikytee'S Book
Trikytee’s book

How To Hack Big Brother: Trikytee Leaks Audition Secrets

5. Timeliness: It is good to talk about how to answer the questions asked during the audition, but one of the best things to ensure is arriving at the venue early.

So you need to remember how you prepared for your examinations. But if you were always late for examinations or other appointments, Trikytee has a piece of advice for you.

“Most times, when you arrive late, you are in a rush feeling, unsettled and if you audition like that you will end up forgetting what you have prepared and you mess up your audition.” 

You get it now? Good!

6. How to Use Your Waiting Time: You will definitely meet a lot of people during the Big Brother Naija show auditions, so might have to wait.

Now what you do while waiting can either make or mare your chances. 

“it is great to talk to people and even make new friends, but do not let these activities distract you from the reason you are there.”

7. Feedback: Yes, you are anxious to know how you did during the audition and you can’t just wait to begin arranging your travel bags for your new life on the television screen, but you need to calm down.

During the audition, you might want to get feedback from the Judges to know how well you are performing and they are not giving you any, then what do you do?

“If you are looking for this and you do not get it, it can cause you to lose motivation and ruin your audition.”

8. Mistakes Happen: You are not perfect and the Judges are not expecting you to be, so when you make mistakes do not apologise. Ensure you are confident at all times so that you will have a hold on yourself during your presentation.

“Remember that the judges may not even notice your mistake, but if you point it out to them, they will know for sure.”

9. It’s Ok to Be Nervous: If you are nervous, that shows that you are human because almost everyone is nervous, so no big deal. However, in “How to Hack Big Brother”, Trikytee noted that you should not allow that you spoil the show for you.

The ex-BBNaija housemate while speaking from experience stated in his book that you should take control of yourself and do your best while you are before the Judges.

Try to smile and enjoy yourself and wait for Big Brother to give you a call, hopefully!

10. It’s Not the End of the World: This is what most people will not want to hear, but here is it, no matter what the outcome of the audition is “it is not the end of the world.”

Remember that some of the ex-BBNaija housemates you intend to be like an audition for more than four times before you saw them in Biggie’s house.

The write of the book “How to Hack Big Brother“, Trikytee said he also felt the same way when he did not get into the house in 2019, but he did not let that discourage him and he finally got the ticket in 2020.

With all of these leaks on BBNaija audition, you might just be on your way to Season 6 of the Big Brother Naija reality show this 2021.

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