Who Is Laycon, Ex-BBNaija 2020 Lockdown Season Housemate?


The first thing you might want to know about Laycon is his name. Though popularly known as Laycon, is real name is Olamilekan Mosshood Agbeleshebioba, the length of his surname brought about the innovation to shorten it for easy pronunciation. So when you call him Lekan Agbeleshe, you will not be penalised.

Laycon is the winner of the BBNaija 2020 lockdown season 5 and that was a precedented achievement for the indigene of Ogun State who was born on November 8, 1993, and bread in Lagos State.

When you ask “Who is Laycon?” Laycon is a man who believes that living is not about thinking about yourself alone. He is Nigerian 26 years old man who was angry with his late father who lived his life catering for others and would not mind putting himself and his family at stake.

According to him, his father would to mind collecting his salary as Nigerian Police Officer and give more than half of it to a stranger in need of financial assistance, only to bring the leftover home to his mother to manage.

He grew up seeing his parents struggle to cater to the need of himself and his two older brothers. As much as he appreciates the golden heart that was stuck in his father’s chest, it took him time to forgive him for how he treated himself.

Somehow, Laycon believes his late father did not do too well for himself and his family considering how he hide his sickness from his family members until few weeks to his death when to was obviously too late.

He holds his father responsible for the painful death that made him fatherless at a point he was needed the most. Who would have expected that a man you love so much and see health perfect in your judgement would come up to reveal that he has been dealing secretly with a terminal ailment?

Laycon’s depth of wisdom so much outweighs his age. For a 26 years old man, he talks wiser and acts so appropriate. On a funny base, maybe that is why he has always dated older women. While he was in the BBNaija Lockdown house, he told some of his co ex-housemates that he has never dated a lady of bis age.

Though he said it was never planned that way, he just ends up finding out that the ladies are older than him. The most hilarious part of this is that the only time he dated a lady younger than him, was his worse relationship experience.

Erica the only disqualified housemate of the BBNaija 2020 lockdown season 5 edition is the only lady who we can say Laycon has ever loved and would be his age mate. Could the “age mate thing” be the reason they did not work out? Erica also confessed to being attracted to him, but it was only “mentally’ which was not enough for her to get along on the journey of the heart with him.

If you ask anyone of the streets of Nigeria who Laycon is, you will be told he was a BBNaija housemate who beat his co-ex housemates to win the N85 million grand prize, but that is not all about him.

Laycon’s passion and gift for singing was one thing that would attract him to you. His exceptional gift to knit words together to produce married lined of inspiring music lines is epic. No doubt he has shown that he is well-grounded in is chosen course of study, Philosophy from the University of Lagos, but he is undoubtedly a gifted musician.

Before going on the famous reality TV show, he had an album to his name and one of his tracks made it to the MTV Base top ten charts and maintained that position for about six months. To his name, he has several covers to some Nigerian hit songs and he was signed to Fierce Nation record label in 2019.

Who is Laycon? Laycon is the guy with the highest votes in the history of the BBNaija reality show either at a go or cumulatively. For all the times he was put up for possible eviction on the show, we always got more than 50% of the votes, leaving the other housemates to share the remaining percentage among themselves.

For the final week of the show, he got 60% of the votes, leaving the remaining 4 top housemates to share the rest of the 40% among themselves. It was such a huge gap that the first runner up had just 21.85% of the votes.

He has also been appointed as the Ogun State Youth Ambassador. As the last born of his house, he has brought the glory of the family out for the world to see.

Who is Laycon? Laycon is a guy who will never be short of perfect words at any point in time.

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