Hinny Humoren’s Murder: Godswill Akpabio Draws Battle Line

A former Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Senator Godswill Akpabio, has drawn a legal battle line with David Hundeyin, an independent Investigator over a report linking him to Hinny Humoren’s murder.

Akpabio accused the investigative Journalist of publishing false and defamatory statements against him and his wife, Mrs Ekaete Unoma Akpabio and demanded immediate retraction and apology.

According to legal representatives of Akpabio, David had alleged that the hotel involving the suspect in the murder of Hinny Humoren, Frank Uduak, belongs to Senator Akpabio’s wife, Mrs Ekaeette Akpabio. 

He said the hotel is located at the centre of the 58 G unit G/S.9, Unit G, Ewet Housing Estate nexus.

In the copy of a lawsuit that has gone viral, Akpabio distanced himself and his wife from the Hinny Humoren’s murder, noting that they both had nothing to do with the horrific death of the job seeker.

The lawsuit further stated that the Davok suites linked to Mrs Ekaette Akpabio do not belong to her, adding that she is neither one of the Directors or Shareholders of the suites.

However, Senator Akpabio demanded the immediate retraction of the publications tending to show that he and his wife are complicit in the abduction, rape and Hinny Humoren’s murder.

The Senator also demanded the retraction of the publication tending to show that he belongs to a syndicate specializing in the procurement, sale and use of human body parts for ritual purposes.

Hinny Humoren’s Murder

Furthermore, the suit demanded the retraction of the publication that alleged that Mrs Ekaette Unoma Akpabio is the owner of Davok suites.

Hinny Humoren'S Murder: Godswill Akpabio Draws Battle Line
A copy of the Lawsuit filed by Godswill Akpabio.

Akpabio wants the investigative Journalist to tender an unreserved public apology, noting that he must publish the retractions and apology in NewswireNGR, his Twitter handle, Facebook page, and other online news and media platforms where he made the publications within 14-days. 

Meanwhile, David has reacted to the law suit, noting that Akpabio should feel free to sue him. had reported that Nigerian Independent Investigative Journalist David Hundeyin pointed accusing fingers at high profile Nigerians suspected to be behind the murder of Hinny Humoren.

He noted that the killing of Hinny appears to be linked to a well-connected criminal gang of police and the Federal Ministry of the Niger Delta in Akwa Ibom.

Also, the report accused the suspects behind Hinny Humoren’s murder of sourcing human organs to serve politicians who believe in rituals or sell to the international black market (read more here).

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