Hiking in Nigeria: Why You Should Stop Rock Climbing this Election Period?

Hiking in Nigeria and other rock climbing exercises are some fitness routines most people love to embark on during the weekend.

It is fulfilling to work out regularly, but doing it in a very conducive and safe environment is key to guaranteeing that nothing bad happens in the process.

The reason for this article is to update you on what’s happening in some forest hiking destinations in Nigeria, but Abuja to be precise.

This period centres mainly on election activities and some of the beautiful and ugly events attached to it. People that go deep into the bushes to enjoy a peaceful hiking experience and mountain climbing may not be the case again in times like these when activities of those hunting for human parts are in high demands.

Recently, there have been clips, pictures, and other written testimonies of people with missing body parts in such locations billed for hiking activities.

Some of these evidence have managed to find their ways to WhatsApp groups, where stern warnings have also been sounded to hikers to avoid going through bush paths to climb rocks because of the dangers associated with the exercise today.

A message our correspondent received on his WhatsApp that inspired the topic – hiking in Nigeria – showed some documented series of dead bodies with their exercising clothes and shoes still on.

These pictures and recorded videos were horrible to look at as it was obvious that the victims’ vital organs had been harvested and other body parts taken away as well.

The scary part about all these tragic events is that some of the ritual killings happened in the outskirts of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja, which is also likely to occur in other states around the country.

Hiking In Nigeria: Why You Should Stop Rock Climbing This Election Period?

Hikers Hiking in Nigeria (Abuja) Should Beware of:

Hikers are advised to completely withdraw or stop going deep into the bushes for the purpose of exercising, but if they decide to go despite the security risk, then engage the services of affordable vigilante escorts, armed with weapons, if possible, to protect the group from probable attack.

What should be avoided the most is for you to go alone. Those persons feeling that they already know the road to a hiking site should move carefully and think twice before attempting a suicide journey like this.

There is no way a single person could survive if attacked by the perpetrators of this crime. Don’t ever think of going rock climbing alone, no matter how strong you think you are, if they’ve attacked groups in the past, what do you think would happen to a single individual.

The best time now to go hiking in Nigeria is still in the morning, and the best location is around familier places, in groups, to avoid stories that touch later.

But if you feel you still want to enjoy the standard hiking and rock climbing, why not? There are registered groups that offer fitness services and move in large numbers for safety reasons too.

Simply engage their services to see how convenient it would be for you, observe and see if they offer good protection packages before you register or pay any fee.

However, if there was ever a time you got physically attacked while jugging or carrying out similar fitness plan in the early hours of the day, don’t hesitate to share to the public on our comment section how you managed to escape or the damage and scars you had to bear for a lifetime.

Remember, never walk or work out alone when going to exercise, because your life and safety might just depend on it, especially times such as this when political activities have increased and the 2023 general election is already near.

Overall, when hiking in Nigeria Abuja still remains safe, and while there might have been cases when people go missing, there are others that didn’t end badly, it was just a case of missing persons discovered in the long run.

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