Hijab Crisis: Traditional Worshippers Highlight Way Forward

Traditional Worshippers in Nigeria have reacted to the controversies around the Hijab crisis in Kwara State.

Speaking on the Hijab crisis, the global head of Ifa priests, Chief Owolabi Aworeni, cautioned the Kwara State Governor, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, against actions capable of inciting violence in the state.

Aworeni, otherwise known as Araba Agbaye, urged the House of Representatives to halt a bill seeking to institutionalise hijab in the country.

The Araba Oluisese of Ibadan, Ifalere Odegbola, who spoke on behalf of the Araba Agbaye, appealed to the Governor Abdulrazaq to guard against action that could turn Kwara State and the entire country into crises.

According to him, peace will reign supreme if religions generally are given pride of place without any religion lording it over the other.

The Oluisese advised the government to allow the Christian schools to be, same for Muslim schools and schools for the traditional worshippers.

Hijab Crisis

He noted that it is wrong for a child who belongs to another faith to want to force his way, adding that Nigeria should be receptive to all religions as a secular nation.

You will recall that conversations around hijab have spurred heated reactions in Kwara State, with Christian mission schools shut down in resistance against the state government’s move to enforce hijab in the schools.

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