Hijab Causes Trouble in Kwara State

A controversy about dressing has sparked outrage and action from the government, as the use of hijab causes trouble in Kwara State.

Hijab causes trouble, causes schools to be closed

The immediate closure of ten grant aided schools has been ordered by the Kwara State Government on Friday, following the eruption of a controversy about the use of the hijab, a veil traditionally worn by Muslim women.

The government has said that these schools will stay closed until the controversy about the use of hijab has been resolved.

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Truly, the hijab causes trouble, because a faceoff has emanated between Muslims and Christians in these grant aided schools in the capital of the State, Ilorin.

This closure comes after a government committee met on Friday to try to sort out the misunderstandings and differences between Christian and Muslim communities over the issue.

The meeting, called by the State governor, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, was presided over by the Deputy Governor, Kayode Alabi. Alabi called on the leaders to respect their differences and work together to raise patriotic children.

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