Hijab Controversy: Bishop Oyedepo Spits Fire

Reactions are still trailing the Hijab controversy that recently brewed up in Kwara State.

The most recent among the people who have reacted to the argument is Bishop David Oyedepo of the Living Faith Church.

Bishop Oyedepo warned that Kwara State’s mission schools should not be dragged into the hijab controversy, adding that the crisis had lingered because the church did not show the opposing side in the dispute.

Oyedepo, who stated this during the church’s midweek service, noted that the church had not shown the other side of God, which he referred to as God’s consuming fire.

However, the cleric warned the Kwara state government to return the mission schools to their founders to avoid a religious crisis.

Hijab Controversy

He further described the hijab controversy as a nasty development, noting that God is not a toy. According to Bishop Oyedepo, when God turns his back on anyone or any system, that system is cursed.

He advised the Muslim faithful to put their children in schools where the wearing of hijab is allowed.

You will recall that the Kwara state government recently threatened to sanction teachers of ten mission schools Ilorin if they failed to resume.

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