Facts You Need To Know About Life

I know that we all don’t want to be sick, sad or even broke. Of course, we deeply hate these conditions not for so many reasons but only because they represent a damning downturn in the vitality of our lives.

And we also don’t like seeing any of our loved ones caught by these life’s conditions. All of us just want life free from any hardship, and full of comforts and magnificent joys. Wow.

Yet, life does not care about these wishes of ours. It refuses to be anything than what it is, a reality to be lived in a primal experience set in flux. It ceases to be anything but a movement from one condition to another, an existence of fluctuating phases and permanent changes.

We all know life this way, but still we find it hard to live it well. We still live in fear, and in the illusion of living only in a condition we find ourselves. When we are ill, we feel we’re going to remain so forever. The mind then is set on fire and the body burns by the grip of hopelessness.

And when we’re healthy we get drowned in its gracefulness, often to the extent of taking it for granted, thinking that the condition would just remain forever too. No any humility, but a despising arrogance.

As a result of which we usually get distracted from the most important matters in life. But still, life tells us, “I am going to change any time.”

And this change is like the case of light and darkness from which we understand that the presence of one doesn’t mean the other is not existing. It’s just one side being more prominent for the moment.

In fact, this is our life. The fact that we’re happy, healthy and well-to-do now doesn’t mean that their opposites are not existing, they are only overshadowed and at any moment they could resurface again.

And this is how life is treating us. It’s not a sophistry, but a lived, believed reality. Then why If we all believe in this we still expect life to be “one” condition? And, If we all know that any moment, any condition and any feeling could change at any time, why do we look at the “change” as if it were something that was never meant to happen?

And all that these changes want you to be remembering are: “You should always be hopeful. And you should always be humble. Because no condition is permanent.” Be blessed.

By Bin Isah

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