Gun Myths In Hollywood Movies.

When it comes to using guns in most Hollywood films, filmmakers just expect you to throw your brain into a thrash can for the duration of the gun fights in movies. The truth is that most things they show us in these films are basically just for entertainment purposes. Therefore one shouldn’t get their basic knowledge of guns from watching Hollywood movies as they’re not accurate.

There are three most popular tropes which film makers are very guilty of doing.

Unlimited Ammo

Gun Myths In Hollywood Movies. 1

In movies, whenever the main character is engaged in a battle with opposing forces, they always have infinity ammunition in their guns. Like bullets take longer than normal to run out. How many action flicks have you seen Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jason Statham just unloading rounds after rounds at the enemy without having to stop to reload their weapons. In reality, that could never happen as they would need to change the clip or magazine of the firearm. Sometimes, the technical department would miss little details like the fact that , the frequency at which they reload doesn’t even match the amount of ammo “spent”, the main character shoots about 8-10rounds out of a 7shooter gun.


Gun Myths In Hollywood Movies. 2

” Don’t worry, the bullet didn’t hit any vital organs “. This is the slogan of every bad ass protagonist who just took a bullet to a certain part of his body. However, due to movie magic the actor is able to carry-on with their whatever their doing. This happens commonly when they’re hit in the shoulder. Yes, this isn’t as dangerous as being shot in the chest, but they’re are also nerves or arteries that could get hit and cause you to bleed to death.


According to movies, the protagonist in an effort to display sher ammounts of “badassery” uses a pistol to kills 2 to 4 people in a single shot. However, in reality a handgun can kill no more than 1 person, except if fired with a point-blank range (gun touching a person directly). Except for heavier guns like the AK-47.

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