Heard about the Google Arts and Culture app? Whichever case, there is a new feature that is sure to excite. You must have plenty selfies you like but have you considered seeing your image as a work of art? Google makes framing your image easy with the with the Arts and Culture app, available on Android and iOS.

The app takes a selfie you should and runs it through a database of artworks shared by institutions in partnership with the Google cultural program. It will then present you with the top matches, with a percentage indicator to show how close the match is with your face.

The app though has a lot of other interesting features. The Arts and Culture app has a Chrome extension that allows one set new tabs to open with a different work of art every day. Here is how you can use the face matching feature.

  1. Download Google Arts and Culture from the Google Play or iOS App Store.
  2. Open the app and scroll down to the Selfie and Portrait Section. Tap “Get Started”.
  3. Accept to acknowledge that the app is sending your photo to Google Servers. Google though claim to delete the image after the match is complete.
  4. Tap the Shutter button to take a picture. You may need to grant the app certain permissions.
  5. Swipe left and right through the match previews at the top to see your options. The “i” button will allow you to learn more about your matched art work.
  6. Tap “Share” to be able to post your image on social media.

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