Georgina Onuoha Talks About Fraud and Hustle

Veteran Nollywood actress Georgina Onuoha talks about fraud and hustle in her recent social media post triggering mixed reactions from her followers. 

The Nigerian actress turned humanitarian took to her Instagram account to discuss the evergreen topic of fraud and hustle. In recent times, most people have used the two words interchangeably, and the actress came out to set the record straight.

Posting a write up on Instagram, Georgina asked those who had the habit of sugarcoating fraud by referring to it as a hustle to stop because regardless of how they tried to frame it, they were simply thieves.

Georgina Onuoha Talks About Fraud

 Part of her caption also referred to the women who indulged politicians romantically in exchange for money. It read;

“Remember that that slay Queen you are worshiping on social is eating money given to her by public office holders meant to pay your fathers retirement and pay doctors and teachers so they don’t go on strike in your community.”

Georgina Onuoha Talks About Fraud And Hustle

She finally opined that until we decide to differentiate ill-gotten wealth from actual legitimate wealth building, society will continue to be a nightmare.

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