Nigerian Man Gives Funny Reason for Driving G-Wagon to Office

A Nigerian man identified as Okala Mmuo has taken to social media to share how he took a G-wagon to work.

According to the Twitter user @rsvptemple, he rode a G-wagon to his previous place of work, to warn his senior colleagues to desist from sending him on errands.

He narrated that a lady who happened to be his superior sent him to buy food for her, which angered him.

The following day, he decided to drive a G-wagon to the office as a soundless warning to the lady and any other senior colleague who may wish to send him on an errand.

His tweet read, “last place i worked, some senior lady sent me to buy her food. next day, i drove a g wagon to work as a silent warning.

Nigerian Man Drives Gwagon To Office
Nigerian man drives gwagon to office

This generated hilarious comments by Nigerians in the comment section.

@khannahblack wrote, “Lol na shout you shout for the lady gee. This wasn’t silent at all”

@iam_fransiz commented, “Sometimes show off dey necessary

While @YorubaBoyMedia wrote, “you suppose offer am lift. if she get car, still offer am lift, make they tow her car go house

In other news, a Nigerian man whose wife gave birth to quadruplets has fled the home. The couple are said to have six (6) kids before this time.


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