Gaslight Full Movie Review

This Gaslight full movie review talks about the movie which takes a peek into a marriage between Femi(Uzor Arukwe) and Wami(Eno Ebenezer) that seems perfect.Perfect until an ex-girlfriend, Lami (Bimbo Ademoye) from 3 years ago shows up.

A coincidental meeting at the supermarkets spirals into an extra-marital affair. Months into the affair, Femi releases that the Lami he knew had gone with their broken relationship

As usual, we will take this movie apart, scrutinising the production, acting and everything in between.

The name ‘Gaslight’ literally means to manipulate someone psychologically, such that they begin to doubt their realities and experiences. Now you may not make much of this title until later in the movie.

At first, the movie looked like we could tell where it was headed. The typical extramarital affair storyline but boy did they surprise us at the end
Let us start

Role Delivery

The cast of this movie did a great job embodying their various roles, it was seamless. Femi and Wami’s banter as a couple was so realistic. The two are supposed to be a happy couple and they show just that.
Bimbo Ademoye as usual delivered flawlessly with her slightly comic flair which was obvious in the scene where she goes through company finances with Femi.
Wami’s suspended smile when Lamide mentioned that she was pregnant was real. you could feel her confusion through the screen.


Let’s just say there was work to be done here. The costumes were not the worst but could have been better.
Can someone explain why Lami used the same weave for years? I was relieved when she eventually changed to the red weave. The makeup was also very mid


I’m not sure what the colouring plan of the movie was but the continuous green/yellow hues did not do the production quality any justice. The difference in tone between the indoor and outdoor scenes was too different so could this be a lighting issue?

Transitions /Continuity

We are in 2020, we should not be having movies with just one transition. For the most part of this movie, the transition was a traffic scene, most likely in Lagos. We only got a change towards the end. Its time to let go of these cliches.

Continuity was also flawed especially the part where Lami’s mother came to make a scene. Errr Ma, who let you in and how can you just try to poach someone’s voters? In the real world, someone would have slapped that phone out of her hands

There was also the part where Lami’s incognito boyfriend made his way to Femi house for a confrontation. How did he know Femi’s house and please please please, we have moved past copy and paste fights. That bout was and looked fake.

Overall I would rate the movie a solid 6.5 and recommend that you see it. Don’t forget to drop a comment letting us know what you think of this Gaslight full movie review.

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