Funeral Homes & Spas: The Humanization of Animals

Over the years, much has been said about the need to treat animals better and with dignity. Also, thanks to PETA and Vegans, there has been a steady increase in the campaign against meat (or fish) consumption around the world.

However, what has been ignored is the outrageous increase in the constant need to humanize animals. Beyond the daily physical, hygienic and medical care that animals require, people in mostly America and Europe have taken to going the extra mile in the treatment of their pets.

Pet Spas

In a bid to treat their pets like a human member of their families, white people now seek certain services for their pets in places where there are industries dedicated to catering for those needs. There are now spas available to give cats and dogs massages, blueberry facials, and even “pawdicures”. A privilege most humans lack.

Dog Restaurants

Funeral Homes &Amp; Spas: The Humanization Of Animals

A restaurant in Chicago created solely to cater for dogs offers various human dishes on the menu including $42 steaks and grilled chicken grass. So much for ethical treatment of animals, don’t you think?

Dog Mansions

Funeral Homes &Amp; Spas: The Humanization Of Animals

In the same vein, wealthy dog owners now purchase dog mansions with built-in air conditioning, heating system, call conference and more. And the cost of these mansions range from $35,000 to $170,000!

Funeral Homes for Pets

Funeral Homes &Amp; Spas: The Humanization Of Animals

Well, this should come as no surprise that these pet members of families receive the same treatment as humans do when they are dead. There are many funeral homes that offer services that enable owners say a befitting farewell to their dead pets. They have their caskets as well as their own cemetery space. I hope there is a pet heaven.

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