Videos of People Sleeping with Dogs Flood Twitter

Several Videos Showing people sleeping with dogs have flooded Twitter as there are speculations that the individuals involved are doing it for money.

One of the clips show a chocolate skinned-lady in what seemed to be a high quality production, walked into a parlour, speaks a bit about herself and feelings, before positioning on the floor like she was waiting on a male friend.

Suddenly, a dog walks in, well trained and understanding the next step to take. It then starts leaking her private part as the lady wasn’t wearing any panties when she placed her knees on the floor in the form of a dog’s posture.

Once the animal was done leaking her parts up, it went further to have intercourse with her and she wasn’t even wearing protection while this was happening right until they finished.

Videos of People Sleeping with Dogs

Similarly, another clip where the identity of the female was hidden, stormed the same social media platform, as a dog could be seen fondling with her lower region like it was digging into it hot meal.

The third was a man who also concealed his face from the camera while sleeping with a female dog. He also carried out this act without using protection.

The noise about these persons engaging in this abominable conducts with their pets, came with the rumour that they were paid #1.5million before the act.

However, arguments transpired on whether or not the individuals sleeping with dogs were Nigerians or not?

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