BBNaija 2020: Full Details of Today’s Diary Session, Who They Voted Out, HoH Choice, Housemate They Would Like To Bring Back

Diary Session

Diary Session is a usual Monday ritual for the BBNaija Lockdown house and today is no different. The housemates were called on after the other for their diary session and Laycon was the first on that list.


For Laycon, his feeling for the new week is not bad, but he is justifying to wake up from the trauma of yesterdays’ eviction show. He told Biggie that he voted Kaisha and Trikytee out of the show. For him, the eviction that surprised him the most in the house is that of Neo.

Laycon said he was surprised that Neo was up for eviction despite the way he has shown himself so far on the show and that made it clearer to him that no one in the house has a full guarantee for staying long.

When asked he said he would like to see either Neo or Vee become the Head of House today. His choice was made because most of the previous Head of House or their Deputy got the post during their birthday celebrations. So since this week is Vee’s birthday, he wished she could get the seat.

But if Laycon is given the power to bring back a housemate, it would be Lilo. He made that choice because he thinks she did not have the chance to show so much about herself.


One of the most important statements Vee made during her diary session is that “the majority of the weak links in the house have gone.” She believes the eviction has been about relationships so far and she told Biggie that she voted Kaisha and Wathoni out of the show last night.

She explained that her choice of the two housemates was based on the fact that the housemates were not really contributing so much to the house and they are like some of the weak links in the house.

For the new Head of House post, she would like Ozo to lead the lockdown house again because she believes he has the capacity to lead effectively.

She was shocked that her boo, Neo was up for eviction, and recovering from that is still difficult. Vee said she would not have been able to cope with the fact that Neo was about to be evicted from the show and being without him in the house would be hard.

If given the power to bring back an already evicted housemate, she would have loved to bring back Tochi.


Kiddwaya sometimes could be a man of few words when he wants to and he tried to keep it short during his diary session today. He told Biggie that he voted Kaisha and Wathoni out of the show.

He gave reasons for his action and according to him, his votes went against the two ladies because they have both not been able to show much about themselves. He said they were both by themselves and not doing much to bond with other housemates.

He agreed that his votes were sentimental but that is how it had been, for now, Kiddwaya also added that the voting ways of the housemates are not the best but it is what it is.

If you give Kiddwaya the power to bring back any of the evicted housemates to the show, it would be Tochi.


Lucy is one of the most emotional people in the lockdown house because she is one of the housemates that would mostly cry during her diary sessions. She voted Wathoni and Trikytee out of the show last night and that was because she wanted her votes to be different.

She also said her vote was because the two housemates were on her list because they have no contribution to the house. She said the eviction that shocked her so much was that if Eric because she thinks he was so loved especially how he was hugged when he was announced evicted.

Lucy said she saw Ka3na’s eviction coming and if she had been evicted it would not have been a surprise for her. Nevertheless, she would love to bring Ka3na back to the house if she had the power.


Being in the BBNaija lockdown house is the greatest of all feelings for Trikytee and he believes he was saved from the eviction the second time because of the way he vibes with the other housemates.

His joy was sparkling down his face as he spoke with Biggie during his diary session. Since he was up for eviction and had no chance to vote any housemate out, the most shocking eviction of the show so far is his own nomination.

But since the question was now suppose to get am answer about himself, he said Ka3na’s eviction came as a surprise and he would also want to bring her back if he has the power to.

His choice for a Head of House would be Kiddwaya because he is more like him and he has the capacity lead.


Going straight to her diary session, Nengi told Biggie that she voted Kaisha and Wathoni out of the game, but her choice of Wathoni was a hard one. Though she has had misunderstandings with Kaisha, she said her vote against her was not personal.

Nengi’s choice of show to be the next Head of House is Ozo despite the fact that he has been on that same seat before now. She said is tenure was nice and she would like to see him do the same again. But for her Tochi’s eviction was the most shocking for her and thinking about it is still surprising.

Saying that was clear enough that she would have wanted Tochi back in the house and yes he was the one she chose to bring back if he has the power to.

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