Forbes- South Africa ahead of Nigeria in nice Country for commercial Business.

Forbes, is an American own family managed commercial magazine enterprise that showcases original articles and contents on enterprise, investment, marketing, finance and others. Forbes also reports on other related subjects that is not limited to communications, politics, technology, law, science and education. In recent evaluation by Forbes listing, Nigeria has been ranked 110th pleasant country for commercial Business within the globe in 2018.

The drop in ranking doesn’t look good in any way though they are still ahead of some other African countries that were not even included on the list. This action also means that as Nigeria’s rating decreases internationally, about eleven African countries leaps ahead of Nigeria in being “hospitable to capital funding”. Nigeria is blessed with numerous resources which can in real sense of decency, promote or boost business establishment and at the end grow they country’s revenue. According to Forbes, in a total of 153 countries that has been surveyed last year (2018) September, Nigeria was ranked 3rd in Africa and 110th within the globe.

However, based on the latest published list through Forbes on December 19, 2018. 161 countries were graded in the record and UK tops the list while Sweden follows and Hong Kong sits 3rd on the list. Netherland was 4th, New Zealand was 5th, Canada was 6th  et cetera. According to Forbes, African countries performed poorly on the list with seven on the last ten. African countries were performing poorly on business development, trade freedom facilitation and investors protection. The very conflict-prone nation “Central African Republic” was rated last with a GDP per capital of only $400 as reported by Forbes.

Forbes African Global ratings  

South Africa 59th

Morocco 62nd

Seychelles 66th

Tunisia 82nd

Botswana 83rd

Rwanda 90th

Kenya 93rd

Ghana 94th

Egypt 95th

Namibia 96th

Senegal 100th

Zambia 103rd

Cape Verde 104th

Nigeria 110th and 14th in Africa with a population of 203 million people, a gross domestic product boom of 0.8 cent and GDP with capital of $2,000. United States of America which is generally expected to top the list is unfortunately rated 17th on the list.

Furthermore, Forbes made it known publicly that the derive their scores by, “Gauging the best Countries for Business by rating nations on 15 different factors and metrics which includes; property rights, innovations, investors protection mechanism, workforce, infrastructure, market size, life expectancy, risks, freedom, technology, corruption, taxes among others. And each of the category was equally weighted. 

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