Flash Fiction


The boy across the fence suddenly stopped his ferocious shoveling. When I looked, he was staring into thin air. He had this very distant look on his face and his eyes were swollen.

“Bros!” I bellowed. “You go shift your hand comot from this fence. The sand wey you dey pack dey expose this our foundation”. Strange Boy slowly turned to face me. There was a sinister smile on his face. Suddenly, I felt burdened. He looked me straight in the eyes, and I felt a tremor go down my spine. I was pained and angry, and the worst form of hopelessness walked up to me in a slow mo, and booed in my face. I jerked.

I know that pain wasn’t mine; there was no way it couldn’t have killed me. I mean, I nearly choked just now. Feelings of guilt, hunger, loss of a loved one, rejection, and absolute frustration formed a knot in my heart. I jerked again.

When I came to, Strange Boy was talking to one mai magani bera – an otapiapia vendor. The vendor didn’t have sniper, so the boy settled for traditional rat poison commonly known as otapiapia. He picked up his wheelbarrow, dumped his shovel in it and bid me farewell.

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