Flash Fiction


The doctor finally came and ushered her into his office. There they sat in silence. For the next twenty-five seconds, he just stared. He wanted to speak, but the words won’t come. After a while, he handed her the results and looked away. She didn’t think she needed any explanation. So she tucked it into her bag, stood and started her journey home.

It was a really long drive home, but the distance helped her. When she got to the house, she told everyone she had gotten a job transfer. She told them she was going to be away for a year, and everyone got curious. In fact, they were confused. They expected her to be happy, but she wasn’t. If something had gone wrong, they couldn’t tell what it was. The gloom oozing from her was just too strong.

The whisperings started, but she did nothing to stop them. So they wished her well and helped her pack.

She, most definitely, wasn’t afraid of dying, she thought to herself. What she was afraid of was saying goodbye. Her end met her alone and far away. Now her spirit roams. It still looks for someone to let her go.

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