It is often said by my kinsmen that ‘As you start your Monday, so will your week be.’ A Yoruba lyricist once said ‘l’ojo Monday, Eko o ni gba igbakugba’ translated as ‘Lagosians won’t take it easy on Monday’. That’s just the idea, it is to tell you the hustle and bubble for the new week begins on Monday. Monday comes too soon for fun lovers who ease their pressure with nights out, parties, and other forms of relaxation during the weekend. For you to have a positive week, you have to prepare for the new week. Like the popular saying ‘Proper preparation prevents poor performance,’ here are 5 things to do to have a positive week, while looking forward to another thrilling weekend. They are as follows:

Productive week
  • DON’T WASTE YOUR SUNDAYS: Sunday is the day before the working week, so you have to make sure you don’t waste this day. Get prepared, iron your clothes, get your briefcase or duffel bag ready, and make the calls to your clients, charging them up for the new week. If you have had a fun-filled weekend, make sure you use the day to rest as it is a biblical day of rest. Just make sure you do the little things to set you on the pace for the week.
  • DON’T GET TO BED LATE: You know early to bed is early to rise. You just have to fall in love with your bed as soon as possible on Sunday night. Stay away from the screen, switch off your Wi-Fi connection, and if possible, switch off your phone. You just have to be early; this will set the tone for your week. A good night rest will make you approach the new week with vigor and excitement.
  • HAVE YOUR ROUTINE EXERCISE: If Lagosians wouldn’t take it easy on Monday morning, then you have to be physically fit. Little exercise such as stretching of the limbs will do you good. Make sure you have your first sweat of the week in your residence; it is a pointer to a healthy week. It is even better if your showers help clean the fluids from your skin (sweat).
  • WRITE DOWN YOUR TO-DO-LIST: You just have to write or jot something down. The steps to be taken to achieve productivity in your week, time to make a new move, clients to call, and so on; all must be on paper. You can’t just have everything in your head, get your writing pads and this will make your week less stressful and tedious.
  • BE IN THE MOOD TO WORK: Yes! You have to be in the mood to work. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy- Jack has already had a great weekend (play) so it’s time to work your socks off. Even if you are not employed, you have to prepare for work as if you have a board of executives meeting even if you return home before noon. Just keep working and moving, don’t stop!

Do have a wonderful and productive week guys!