Five Nigerian Men Arrested For Robbery in Dubai

Five Nigerian men have been arrested for robbery in Dubai. The Police in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) say they “stormed a money exchange in Sharjah and fled with Dh2.3 million”.

The equivalent in Naira is about N225.4million.

The suspects were nabbed within 48 hours after the robbery was committed.

Five Nigerian Men

Giving details of the incident, the Commander-in-chief of the Sharjah Police said,

“Four of the suspects entered the exchange and attacked its employees, while the fifth was waiting for them in a car outside”.  

“The suspects also threatened the employees with sharp weapons before taking away cash. The whole operation lasted seven minutes.”

The suspects reportedly smashed the panel at the exchange with hammers and jumped inside the counter, where the safe box was kept. Two of the exchange employees allegedly sustained minor injuries while resisting the suspects.

The police lifted forensic evidence from the site and formed a team to crack the case.

“Arrest warrants for the suspects were circulated at all ports of the country to prevent them from leaving.”

The police retrieved the number plate of the car in which the suspects fled.

One of the suspects was arrested in Sharjah, after which he led the police to the others — two in Ajman, one in Abu Dhabi and one in Ras Al Khaimah.

All of the five Nigerian men were said to have confessed to the crime. They intended to leave the country after the operation. Fifteen Nigerians, including four women, were arrested for illegal stay during the search operations.

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