It is often said that God created us in twos. You must have heard from two or more people saying that you look like the person they know. Although we are created uniquely, there is no one like you genetically, but there is a striking resemblance with other people. Siblings look alike as well as identical twins. Famous and powerful people, such as Saddam Hussein, are desired to be cloned so as to produce someone who resembles them. Yet, there are people from different cultures who look alike facially, in color, physique, and, in some cases, in their attitudes. I have once seen my look alike while on campus. I have also heard guys saying ‘you look like Usher Raymond and T.I’ huh! Anyway, everyone has a look-alike somewhere on the planet. I bring to you five famous people and their look alike. Check them out below:

Look Alike
  • TARAJI P. HENSON AND FUNKE AKINDELE: When I saw the Hollywood movie ‘Acrimony’, I nearly tweeted ‘Funke has joined Nollywood’. The two actresses have a striking resemblance in their looks. Eyeballs, face, not to talk about their character in movies. Taraji and Funke’s crying mode in movies cannot be separated. At 48, Taraji is just a few years older than the Jenifa’s diary movie star.
Look Alike
  • LIONEL MESSI AND REZA PARASTESH: Lionel Messi is arguably the best footballer ever; to have a look-alike somewhere in the Muslim country of Iran is exciting. Iranian Reza Parastesh has the same look, hair and beards with the Argentine superstar. Reza recently debunked the rumors of him sleeping with 23 ladies because of his resemblance with the Barcelona legend. Messi has once met his look alike. I guess Barcelona’s Ousmane Dembele will find it difficult to pick his teammate if the pair sits together in a dark Barcelona locker room.
Look Alike
  • SNOOP DOGG AND HANKS ANUKU: It is very easy to say Snoop is Hanks and vice versa. Snoop Dogg, with the real name Calvin Cordozar Broudus Jr., has many physical resemblances with Nollywood’s villain actor, Hanks Anuku. The award-winning rapper and producer is also an actor just like Hanks. At 6ft4, the duo cannot be separated for height. The pair also rock the same hairstyle and stature making them very alike. Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand is the fair version of the two celebrities.
Look Alike
  • CRISTIANO RONALDO AND MAROUANE CHAMAKH: These days, whenever you hear ‘Messi’, you’ll definitely hear ‘Ronaldo’. It is therefore exciting to have Ronaldo on the list. Cristiano Ronaldo is presently, unarguably, the most famous footballer and celebrity in the world. In his young days at Manchester United, the Portuguese had a look-alike in United’s arch rival camp in the person of Arsenal’s Marouane Chamakh. The Moroccan ex-forward has the same hair texture, face, and long neck just like the Juventus forward. It is quite safe for Chamakh to play for United with a face mask without been noticed and vice versa. As their career cannot be compared, so is their new look. Chamakh has retired while Ronaldo at 34 is still the greatest on the field of play.
Look Alike
  • ARSENE WENGER AND ROWAN ATKINSON: Arsene Wenger, the famous long term manager of Arsenal who left the ‘gunners’ about a year ago has the same look as comic-actor, Rowan Atkinson. Check out some Arsene Wenger touchline posture, you’ll agree Mr. Bean looks like a sibling of the 69-year-old football tactician.

You can as well help drop some famous people and their look alike in the comment. If you have a look alike too, let us have some conversation in the comment box.

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