Female Fan Tries to K!ss Fireboy While Taking Photo

A female fan forced herself on fireboy, trying to land a kiss on his cheek while she was taking pictures with the famous music star.

The unidentified lady was wearing a black sleeveless cloth holding a pink jacket when she rushed to Fireboy’s position to get a quick snapshot.

Meanwhile, other girls around the premises were startled by her action as they first approached the Singer for a selfie and a hug

The moment the other girls completed their photo session with the artiste, the lady who tried to kiss him, sidelined others and treated him to a separate section of the same open field where they all stood to seize the opportunity to drop a kiss.

Fireboy Avoids Kiss from Fan

The Musician was fast enough to dodge his face before she could slightly place her lips on his cheeks.

He, however, was not bothered by the gesture as he could be seen smiling and leaving the scene before things got out of hand.

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