Fans Mock Kiddwaya Over English Error

Fans Mock Kiddwaya over Holiday message

The internet is one place that you can be loved and adored in one minute and the next you are being dragged for filth. This is the case of billionaire son, Kiddwaya who innocently sent a message to his fans but did not expect the reaction to that.

Recall that Kiddwaya is one of the housemates who spent most of his life in the United Kingdom and by extension was schooled there as well. To some fans, this opportunity put him on a high English pedestal unknown to the reality Tv star.

His dragging came after he sent out a tweet wishing everyone a happy holidays and in the message, Kiddwaya made a grammatical error using the word ‘threw’ in the place of ‘through’ . Read the full message,

“Merry Christmas in advance everyone. Regardless of the situation. God will always see us threw. Always believe in yourself, never give up. And never stop loving. I love you all. Take care”

Fans Mock Kiddwaya Over English Error
Fans Mock Kiddwaya Over English Error

Instead of his fans to focus on the message, they decided to poke fun at the entrepreneur for his error. See some of the hilarious reactions to Kiddwaya’s tweet,

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