Fan Chides Erica Over Kissing Various Actors

A concerned fan chides Erica Nlewedim over randomly kissing numerous colleagues in a short time, particularly sighting one instance.

The disqualified BBNaija housemates have placed all her focus on building her career as an actress to fulfil the plans she had while in the Big Brother house. For months she has been moving from one movie set to the other as she has got an influx of projects, with her most anticipated being a production by Chinnylove Eze titled ‘Devil in Agbada’.

Fan Chides Erica Over Incessant Kissing

Despite the immense support from her fans, some are not satisfied with how Erica has been carrying on with her acting. The reality tv star shared a screenshot of a message gotten from an internet user who seemed concerned about her health and how many men she has been kissing.

In the lengthy message, the user chastised the actress for how she kissed someone called Kris and added that Erica should ensure she and all the actors she intends kissing carry out medical tests to avoid contracting diseases.

Fan Chides Erica Over Kissing Various Actors
Fan Chides Erica Over Kissing Various Actors

Finally, the user also advised Erica to specify the kind of romance scenes she would love to be in so that she does not end up making out with the whole of Nollywood and losing her dignity as a woman.

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