Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (252): Nollywood Actors Fight Dirty

Nollywood Actors Fight Dirty

Egbon: I too dey like people wey no dey fear to call spade spade, no be some people wey go dey do bojuboju up and down

Mazi: Anybody wey no fit talk matter as e suppose be na coward, me self dey like make people get mind to talk straight o

Egbon: Shey you remember this Baba Ijesha case wey happen the other day?

Mazi: Wey news carry him matter say him do plo plo with 14 year old girl?

Egbon: Gbam, na him, the matter don turn yam pepper scatter scatter o


Mazi: Ah, gbas gbos kwa, who dey gbas, who dey gbos?

Egbon: Na serious fight between some Nollywood actors wey dey try support wetin him do o, and some of the actors con dey para say e no suppose be like that

Mazi: You see ehn, some people for this Nollywood self no get shame, how dem go dey defend person wey talk say true true him do the thing

Egbon: The thing wonder me too o, Na Iyabo Ojo dey stand for front among the Nollywood actors wey talk say make dem no cover the matter

Remi Tinubu in trouble

Mazi: Yes now, na so e suppose be, con check as people dey drag Tinubu wife

Egbon: You mean Senator Remi Tinubu, wetin she do again?

Mazi: Hmmm, make we no lie, she fumble and many Naija people no waste time to drag her for inside mud ontop the thing wey she talk for National Assembly, dem say one Senator Smart Adeyemi talk say Naija government suppose seek help ontop the insecurity wey dey happen for this country

Egbon: I talk am say this government no dey show enough action, another person wey get brain don talk am now

Mazi: Na the thing wey vex Tinubu be that o, she talk say why Smart Adeyemi wey be APC member go dey talk say the security situation for this country dey very bad

Edo Youth Leader Lands In Prison

Pidgin News (252): Nollywood Actors Fight Dirty 1

Egbon: Imagine, so, the Senator suppose talk say everything dey ok, when even blind man dey feel am say things no dey ok for Naija

Mazi: The Senator even suggest say make Naija government go Obodo oyinbo country tell them say Nigeria need their help, na so Remi Tinubu talk say the Senator dey disguise o

Egbon: For this country, many Politicians no qualify as person wey we suppose dey call Leader because i no understand why anybody go talk say things dey ok for this country now

Mazi: Maybe na sake of 2023 she self dey try form loyalty

Egbon: Abi, and i no blame her, con check the thing wey i still dey talk o, dem say this man wey be Youth Leader for Obazagbon community for Edo state don land for prison

Mazi: Wetin him do ?

Egbon: Dem talk say him beat this man wey you dey see him picture like this, sake of say the man wey dey physically challenged call him name and no add Chairman join for the name

Mazi: Ahhh, Chairman dey part of the name wey him parents call am when dem do him naming?

Egbon: E wonder me o, naso dem suppose dey teach dem lesson one by one, as e look like say dem dey see themselves like God if dem don reach post

Mazi: I support that your motion because e no possible make any leader win election if people no vote am, unless dem rig am, con see this video o

Cut Soap For Me

Egbon: This cut soap for me trend don popular no be small o

Mazi: This woman wey you dey see inside the video talk say plenty girls dey go baff for cemetry for Warri, say dem go wash their private part take the water cook for people to eat for one junction for that Warri

Egbon: I no just understand why youths no con dey shame to dey do rituals again, i see another video wey show how three boys tie red rapper go dey baff ontop wan bridge for ibadan, na for afternoon, no be night o

Mazi: Na wa oh, people wan get money by fire by force, make i con dey go, we go see later

Egbon: Ok now, take care

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