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Ex-United Player Rips Into Ronaldo Calls him ‘Bad Example’

A former Manchester United player has criticized Cristiano Ronaldo for setting a poor example to the rest of the squad.

The Portuguese is on an eight-game goalless streak after the fanfare of his return with much expectations.

Paul Ince who seem not to be impressed by the return of the forward says Ronaldo must shoulder the blame for the current form of the team as he has drawn too much attention from the rest of the team.

United is all About Ronaldo

Ince said, “This is not the Ronaldo of 19 years ago when he was first at Old Trafford – this is a 37-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo, When people say he’ll be great for the club and the youngsters, you’d have thought that would be the case.

“But he’s walking off down the tunnel and throwing his toys out the pram. For me, that’s a bad example. This is someone at the end of his career and if he can’t start against Burnley who are bottom of the table there’s something seriously wrong. It should be about the team, but it’s now become all about Ronaldo.”

Ex-United Player Rips Into Ronaldo Calls Him 'Bad Example'
Paul Ince

The ex-Red Devils man speaking in defence of clubs captain Harry Maguire said, “Maguire’s not the quickest but he’s still a top player. He gets no protection from the midfield. If I was playing in that midfield with Roy Keane, Maguire wouldn’t be getting isolated all the time.”

Paul Ince further criticized the recruitment process of the club, claiming they need someone like Bissouma in the squad.

“They need to get someone like Bissouma because the midfield needs to change. Fred’s not the answer, McTominay is one of those who’s a good player but would be better with someone like Bissouma next to him. Is Pogba going to stay? I can’t see it,” he stated.

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