Erica and Laycon’s Fans Paint Social Media Red

One thing that remains prominent even after the end of each BBNaija season is the fans, theirs wars and collaborations. This is very evident in the recent situation between Erica and Laycon’s fans .

Just days after Erica’s 27th birthday celebration, a fan war broke out between the Elites and Icons, a war many believed to have started after a fan of Laycon said the other fanbases were intentionally ignoring his music especially the Elites.

Erica and Laycon’s Fans Overturn Social Media

The elites in turn dragged Laycon for that tweet, saying that he was relying on his fans to beg on the streets of twitter for his streams.

Erica And Laycon'S Fans Paint Social Media Red 1
Erica and Laycon's Fans Paint Social Media Red 4

This quickly turned into a fan war between the Icons and the elites which led defenders of Laycon to compare his streaming records which runs into hundreds of thousands to Erica’s youtube views which were about 12k in over a month.

Deeper into the war and Erica’s acting career was dragged into the mud as well after trolls dug up a Valentines Day advert with fellow BBNaija star, Elozonam. see some reactions to the advert below;

Erica And Laycon'S Fans Paint Social Media Red 2
Erica and Laycon's Fans Paint Social Media Red 5

While this is ongoing war is being fought, neutral parties have been asking when the enmity between the Icon and Elites will come to an end.


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